Video: Top 10 Performance Techniques for PhoneGap Applications

Common Sense and Rocket Science

Common Sense and Rocket Science

In 2013 at Adobe MAX 2013, Christophe Coenraets – Developer・Speaker・Writer, and Developer Evangelist at Salesforce, did a talk entitled Top 10 Performance Techniques for PhoneGap Applications. The talk was video taped and is available on AdobeTV and his weblog.

This blog post is a break down of this video and the ten (10) techniques he spoke of. All ten (10) points are listed below in the order given. The numbers on the right hand side are approximate time marks where Chris discusses the subject.

  1. Don’t generate the UI on the server  ~ 5:00
  2. Don’t wait for the data to display the UI ~10:40
  3. Cache what you can
    1. Cache static data ~ 14:00
    2. Cache some dynamic data, appropriately
    3. Cache element (id) selectors ~ 17:40
    4. Pre-compile templates ~ 20:00
  4. Use CSS transition and hardware acceleration  ~ 23:00
  5. Avoid the 300ms delay & possibly use fastclick.js ~ 31:00
  6. Load images from one composite image ~ 37:45
  7. Limit shadows and gradients ~ 42:00
  8. Avoid reflow/re-rendering/re-layout/re-drawing the DOM ~ 43:15
  9. Do you need that framework? ~ 50:00
  10. TEST (with real data & real devices & a bad network) ~ 52:00

Summary of talk slide ~ 53:20

Slightly related to this topic is:

Crockford’s Javascript Style Guide from 2007

In this 2007 presentation at Yahoo!, which is meant to be the beginning of a three-course sequence (followed by “Theory of the DOM” and then “Advanced JavaScript”), Douglas Crockford explores not only the language as it is today but also how the language came to be the way it is.


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