Ten (10) Phonegap Demo Apps with Source Code

For those unaware, I’ve been busy the last few months helping my parents move from California to Texas. In the meantime, among other things I have created 10+ Phonegap Apps1, each of which uses at least one Phonegap core APIs. In addition all the Apps run in Android and iOS devices – within the restraints of the devices 2.


Other goals for these apps:

  • NO JQuery or similar libraries
  • Find the minimum necessary for a phonegap App

These Phonegap Apps are both demos and tutorials. At this point, the apps are operational, but are far from perfect. Over the last few days I have added some changes that give the apps a more professional appearance.

Accelerometer App

Network App

Contacts App

Device App

The Changes

Those changes include:

  • added the plugin device to all Apps
  • added id to the [exit] button and the App header
  • moved CSS style tags from the elements to the head
  • added code to remove the [exit] button from the iOS version
  • removed a CSS coding error
  • removed <span> where unneeded

The following changes still need to be made:

  • Add fastclick.js to remove the 300ms delay
  • Add margin to top of document body to support post-iOS-73
  • Remove all margins from top header
  • Add elements to standardize the header

Future projects scheduled for release are:

  • working boilerplates for rapid development
  • minimual UI libraries for notifications, sliding panels, & div-tables
  • minimual implementation of various phonegap plugins


  1. http://codesnippets.altervista.org/examples/phonegap/demos/PUBLIC.Apps.html
  2. Some devices do not have the hardware needed for an API, ie. compass.
  3. After iOS7 a change was made to make system status bar transparent. This cause a program to display over the system status bar.

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